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Iconic Finnish design company Artek launched  White, a collection of lighting solutions at London’s Dover Street Market in 2011 during London Design Festival. Created by Artek’s Design Director, Ville Kokkonen, White offered a new perspective on how we perceive lighting, allowing the light itself to take centre stage rather than form and fittings. One of the other unique properties of this new collection was the inclusion of a product with the certified medical benefits of light therapy through its 2500 lux.

Founded in Finland in 1935, Artek is renowned as being one of the most innovative contributors to modern design, building on the heritage of the Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto (1898 –1976). Functionality and timeless aesthetics are the essential elements in the creation of every product that bears the Artek name. Artek continues to work in close collaboration with prominent international architects, designers and artists.