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In April 2010 celebrated Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes opened his much anticipated Viajante restaurant in one of the East End’s most historic buildings, Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, the grade II listed former Bethnal Green Town Hall from entrepreneur and hotelier Peng Loh. Since it’s opening, Viajante has been an exciting addition to the London restaurant scene receiving wide-spread recognition from critics as well as a coveted Michelin star within just 9 months of opening.

Nuno Mendes’ vast experience spans from his culinary training in San Francisco to working with some of the world’s leading chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Rocco di Spirito and Jean-Georges Vongerichten in both New York and London.  Mendes is a pioneer in gastronomy, a traveller or ‘viajante’ who has explored the globe in search of unique ingredients, innovative techniques and first hand experience on local farms. Nuno’s tasting menus combine the simple with the extravagant, taking inspiration from Portugal, Spain, Asia and Scandinavia, culminating in menus that manifest as “the sum of my experiences until today”, according to Mendes.