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Working outside conventional practice and the contemporary art system, Lazarides welcomes a broad audience to an extensive exhibition programme, supporting the work of a group of artists who collectively defy categorization. Founded in 2006 by Steve Lazarides, the gallery represents some of the most distinctive and innovative artists working today. While Lazarides is considered the international market leader in what is dubbed urban art, contemporary figurative painting, interactive installations, sculptures, and video work all feature heavily on the exhibition calendar. Lazarides Rathbone has been the flagship gallery since May 2009, set in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia in a four-storey former gin palace. In addition to the gallery schedule Lazarides are recognised for their dedication to producing a range of unique off-site events, encompassing shows in New York and Los Angeles as well as global art fairs and large-scale group exhibitions. Alongside the launch of the new print studio and online store, 2014 saw the opening of the Lazarides Editions at Mondrian London on the South Bank. Lazarides Editions presents a comprehensive schedule of bespoke exhibitions, limited edition print releases and a revolving curation of editioned artwork.