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Nicole Winhoffer, world-renowned fitness artist and creator of The NW™ Method, is best known for her innovative, creative and unconventional workout philosophy.

She inspires people to become their best self through movement, creatively combining the art of inner expression and fitness with her full-body, high endurance workouts – all set to a modern, hip hop and dance soundtrack. Nicole is striving to set the new standard of fitness in the 21st Century as an unparalleled creative force, motivator and choreographer, shaping some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry.

Nicole is continuously inspired to do what’s never been done before by combining her knowledge of the body, dance, sports, science, and eastern philosophies that focus on the chakras, acupuncture points and energy work. She encourages each of her clients to not only discover, but embrace their own personal strength and passion.

Her impressive roster of clients has included: Stella McCartney, Madonna, Rachel Weisz, Molly Simms, Abbie Cornish, Spike Jonze, Jennifer Connelly, and Steven Klein.