Beauty / ODIN New York

Fashion retail entrepreneur Paul Birardi, who with his partner, Eddy Chai, founded ODIN New York, an ultra-hip menswear store known for its staff being as nice as the clothes are cool. Over 10 years and three stores later, not only is ODIN a success in the highly competitive, growing men’s category of luxury fashion, it’s cultivating its own lifestyle brand.

Paul and Eddy aren’t perfumers, but they know perfume, and they believe in the power of great collaborators and design.  They started with three conceptual scents and the line grew from there – even branching off into a second collection, The White Line, that is born out of a completely opposite direction.  ODIN dream up their inspirations – which can be anything from a simple flower, to a mythological location – and work closely with a collection of freelance noses to realize their visions. Pulling creative research from all over the world helps the brand to bring only the most interesting olfactory experiences to their cult-base of fans.