Fashion / Marcelo Burlon – County of Milan

marceloburon17862742_160511_MARCELLO_BURLON_TYGA_S1_243111County of Milan is a blend of fashion, music, nightlife, beauty and aesthetic freedom in the form a clothing brand. Marcelo Burlon is its driving force and originator. The endeavor started with a bunch of t-shirts in 2012,
but a complete collection quickly ensued, turning both into a social and commercial phenomenon. The inclusive message got the fire started: County of Milan is all about embracing and celebrating diversity, as the brand’s highly spectacular, intensely emotional shows testify. It is a borderless, multi-cultural, eminently genderless line with a palpable metropolitan flair and a knack for cut-up symbolisms plastered onto athletic-looking, street-savvy pieces. In embracing the fast-paced cosmopolitan vibe, County of Milan has been at the forefront of the whole glorified streetwear phenomenon.