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Since their inception in 1999, Myla has become a byword for elegant sensuality, and what began as a small boutique in London’s Notting Hill is now a global brand. Today their love affair with lingerie continues from headquarters in Mayfair, as the brand celebrates the complexities and contradictions of contemporary femininity; the need for adoration and desire, security and excitement, fashion and timelessness.

Myla invests in only the finest craftsmanship and fabrics. Much of the lace is made on centuries old Leavers looms in France and exclusive to us, and both lingerie and sleepwear are designed in their London studios. The pieces reflect the sophistication and craftsmanship of their European origins, whilst incorporating a slick, American modernity and versatility. With the addition of just a few simple styling touches, the collections transition gracefully from day to night, boardroom to boudoir.

Everything the brand does is designed to empower the Myla woman, to express herself in a way that is right for her, instead of attempting to impose a role or persona upon her.