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Villa Lena - Image Credit Coke Bartrina

 Sprawling over 500 hectares of beautiful woodland, rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards, Villa Lena is much more than just a traditional Tuscan retreat. Set up as an artist residency and a hotel, art and culture are the heart of the project. A creatively inspiring and serene place both for individuals and families, our approach was to develop a diverse and international context for the guests and the artists of Villa Lena.

Villa Lena offers multiple places to stay and multiple places to rest and enjoy your break. In addition, they run an active program of workshops, lectures and entertainment formed on the basis of the ideas by artists in residence. Guests are invited to rent apartments or houses which are spread over the estate. Rooms are designed with an emphasis on easy chic, spaces are filled with vintage pieces, recycled furniture and art produced at the residency. Facilities include screening room, game room, three pools and a restaurant with a bar. Surrounded by wild nature, there are many trails for hiking and picturesque picnic points. Large vegetable garden by the 19th century villa provides most of the vegetable produce for the restaurant.

The residency programme brings international multi-disciplinary artists to the project – from visual artists to musicians to writers – the Foundation is there to foster creative collaboration between disciplines. The residents contribute to the weekly programme of events and to the interior and exterior design of the estate.